Paper Writing: The Outline of Cause and Effect Essay

Students often have to deal with essays as this is the most common type of academic assignment. As a rule, such papers do not cause problems. But what if you need to write a cause and effect essay? Where do you start? First, you need to start with basic terminology.

Such an assignment is an college application essay that emphasizes the relationship of a certain action with the consequences, showing the connection between two subjects. In addition, students are not limited in their choice of topics and can describe objects, people, or even any event.

Pick a Topic to Write About

How to write a cause and effect essay or for example literature essay? Start by choosing a really good topic. Chances are your professor won't mind. There are quite a few interesting areas to help you show off your writing skill. But first, you need to decide on several aspects.

  • What's your subject?
  • Will your paper be related to objects, people, or phenomena?
  • Do you want to focus on some little-known fact?
  • Are you ready to find trusted sources?

Only then can you select several cause and effect essay topics to assess their relevance. It is worth noting that professors usually do not prohibit writing about something resonant or controversial. For example, you can describe the effects of drugs on the brains of adolescents or the causes of high mortality rates in African countries. The most crucial thing is your ability to operate with facts.

The Structure Matters

When you realize that you have already found an interesting area for your research, you should choose the correct cause and effect essay structure. The overall integrity of your assignment depends on this. In addition, not all topics can be expanded using the same structure. There are three types of essays you should know about.

  1. Many causes, one effect. Example: Drought, lack of fertilizers, and locusts resulted in a lean year.
  2. One cause, many effects. Example: A hurricane destroyed a dam, power lines, and more than ten homes.
  3. Chain of causes and effects. Poverty leads to an increase in unemployment. The rise in unemployment leads to an increase in theft, this is usually written in the job essay. The increase in theft leads to a decrease in property prices.
You can use any option depending on your topic and the goals you are pursuing. Do not forget about this, and then you will be able to achieve the desired result. However, the first two options are considered the easiest for beginners.

Composing the Perfect Outline

So, you already know where to start. It's time for a cause and effect essay outline. Why is this part of the assignment so important? The fact is that this is a kind of foundation on which your paper will be created. We can't direct the wind, but we can adjust the sail. This adage is very helpful in describing the importance of creating an outline. Here's an example to help you understand the basics.

Topic: The effect of radiation on animal bodies
1. Intro with an engaging hook
2. Main Body
Cause #1: Radiation affects the structure of the epithelium and soft tissues.
Cause #2: Radiation Triggers Cancer Cells.
Transition: Radiation waves are streams of photons and elementary particles capable of ionizing matter.
Effect #1: Skin ulcers are the result of radiation exposure.
Effect #2: Radiation provokes a gene mutation that stimulates the growth of cancer cells.
3. Conclusion
Gamma radiation negatively affects living organisms and promotes the activation of self-destruction processes.

This is a simple example to help you understand the cause and effect essay outline format and the aspects that you should pay attention to. Remember to be consistent and stick to predefined paragraphs and subparagraphs.

Useful Writing Tips for Beginners

Investigate the Topic Thoroughly

Examine causation and the main factors affecting your assignment. Do not forget that you should only use reliable sources like, especially if you write about any specific events, phenomena, or objects. It is very important.

Express Your Own Opinions on a Topic

Any student must rely on facts and the results of any research. Nevertheless, you should express your personal opinion and interpret the findings because such an essay involves developing critical thinking skills.