About us


The mission of the Rio Linda Union School District is to provide a quality education that will prepare students for the future by:

  • Teaching through the use of a rigorous curriculum.
  • Meeting the educational needs of all children.
  • Involving the community in the educational process.
  • Maintaining a highly qualified and motivated employee group.
  • Providing quality facilities and support services.
  • Upholding fiscal integrity.


  • More than 36 world languages are spoken in our district.
  • 26 percent of our students have limited proficiency in English. Bilingual students primarily speak Spanish, Russian and Ukrainian.
  • We have the following diversity breakdown: 54.4 percent white; 23.9 percent Hispanic; 16.0 percent African-American; 4.1 percent Asian; 1.4 percent Filipino; 1.0 percent American Indian; and 1.2 percent Pacific Islander.


  • All teachers are carefully selected and fully credentialed. We have ongoing professional development and a CSUS Student-Teacher Training Center.
  • Our curriculum and textbooks are aligned to state standards, and we have a rigorous educational program for all students.
  • Our support system for student success includes a renowned Reading Recovery program, special education classes, an expanded summer school, family outreach workers, and before-school and after-school activities.
  • An integration of the arts and sciences into the classroom and the acclaimed STARBASE program for fifth-graders.
  • Fiscal integrity and stability with competitive salaries and benefits for our employees.
  • Steadily improving test scores, particularly when compared with similar schools.
  • A high-quality learning environment that includes modernized, air-conditioned classrooms and well-maintained school grounds.
  • Steady district leadership from an elected five-member Board of Trustees operating under newly adopted Professional Governance Standards.


  • The district has a number of citizen groups including the District Advisory Committee, the Budget Advisory Committee and the English-Learner Advisory Committee.
  • Nearly 3,000 parents volunteer each year in the classrooms, on district-wide committees and for field trips.
  • The annual Volunteer Luncheon draws more than 400 parents. Each school chooses a “Volunteer of the Year” each year.
  • Our Principal for a Day program that brings community leaders from across the region into our schools has become a state model.


Main District Office

627 L St.

Rio Linda, CA 95673

(916) 566-1600


Administrative Services: ext. 1367

Business Services: ext. 1316

Educational/Student Services: 566-1619

Food Services: (916) 566-1612

Maintenance and Operations:(916) 566-1614

Personnel: ext. 1337

Purchasing: (916) 566-1618

Support Services: (916) 566-1617

Family Resources (916) 566-1615

Transportation: (916) 566-1613

Technology Services: (916) 566-1611

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