Most Frequently Asked Questions by New
Residents to the Community

1. Which school should my child attend?
Assigned neighborhood attendance areas are determined by street name and number. For your home school of attendance, you can call the District Office @ 566-1600.

2. What are the starting and ending times for the schools?
The bell schedules are available at each school site and at the District Office. Each school’s starting and ending times are published by each school and are available by calling the individual school and/or the District Office receptionist at 566-1600.

3. Can I enroll in a school other than my assigned school?
If you wish to have your child attend another school within our District, you will need to obtain an intra-district transfer from the assigned school. Once completed, the form will be forwarded to the requested school, so it can be determined if there is available space. Parents must provide transportation.

If you wish to have your child attend another school outside our District, you will need to obtain an inter-district transfer from our District Office. Once completed, the form will be forwarded to the requested district for approval. The requested district will then notify the parent if their application is approved or denied.

The district also has a one-time yearly (January 15 –February 15) open enrollment lottery at sites where availability exists. (Each school is required to serve the students who live within its attendance boundary before accepting students outside their attendance boundaries.)

4. Do you provide transportation? Is there a fee?
Transportation is provided if you are attending your home school or if you are an "Overflow Student." At this time there is no charge for this service.

5. What child care programs are available?
Rio Linda Union School District schools offer after school programs that include enrichment activities, recreation, a healthy snack and sometimes extra support for students in language arts and mathematics. Each school contracts with local agencies who offer the after school programs. Local agencies include Parks and Recreation Districts, the Boys and Girls Club and YMCA. Please contact your child’s school office who will refer you to the personnel for the after school program. These personn el will describe the program offered and share how children may be enrolled for the after school program.

6. What is required for enrolling my child?
Registration information may be obtained from your school site. Materials you need to include are birth certificate, up-to-date immunization records (see question # 16) and proof of residency. (Proof of residency is established upon submission of a gas or electric utility bill displaying your name and address.) To enroll in kindergarten, a child must be five by December 2nd of the year he/she enrolls. (This is a state law.) To enroll your student, go to your resident home school.

7. How do I enroll?
Enrollment takes place at your home school site. To determine your school of residence, contact our District office @ 566-1600.

8. What programs are available for Gifted and Talented students?
The District offers the GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) program for children who qualify. Students in the GATE program receive opportunities to participate in challenging enrichment classes. For additional information, you may contact the GATE Administrator, Educational Services, @ 566-1619.

9. What Special Education Programs are available?
Special Education is an individualized education program provided for children who qualify according to laws and regulations outlined by the state and federal governments.

Children receive special education instruction and services according to their specific needs and only after resources of the general education program have been considered and utilized when appropriate.

The District provides a variety of services for students eligible for special education. Programs for students with special needs are coordinated through the District’s Support Services and Special Education Department. Every effort is made to ensure that students are able to function successfully, compete academically and gain social skills as they progress through school. Parents play a vital role in the delivery of services for students with special needs. Parents meet with specialists to determine their child’s needs and design services for their child.

For further information, please contact the Support Services and Special Education Department at 566-1617.

10. What programs are available for students who need to learn the English Language?
English Learner students receive differentiated instruction using Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English and English Language Development strategies to access the core curriculum. The instruction is delivered by qualified certificated teachers. English Learners are enrolled in their neighborhood schools. Students are initially and then annually assessed with the California English Language Development Test (CELDT) until they are reclassified Fluent English Proficient (RFEP).

As available and appropriate, bilingual paraprofessionals work with English Learner students to help provide access to the core curriculum through the use of primary language.

The Rio Linda Union School District offers parents a different option waiver program for primary students who speak Spanish. The waiver program is called the District Early Exit Bilingual Spanish Program for grades K-3. Basic instruction is provided in Spanish while students are acquiring proficiency in English. This program is currently in operation at Aero Haven School. For information about the District Early Exit Bilingual Spanish Program for grades K-3, please contact the Director for English Learner Programs at 566-1619, ext. 1378.

11. When does registration take place?
Please call the District Office at 566-1600 for registration dates.

12. What is the Parent Handbook?
The District Parent Handbook provides information about our District Vision and Mission, Student Rights and Responsibilities, Student Behavior Standards, Problem-Solving Steps and much more. In addition, separate copies of the Parent Handbook are available at the school site offices and the District Office.

13. What city and recreation & park district programs are available?
North Highlands Recreation & Park 332-7440
Rio Linda/Elverta Recreation & Park 991-5929
City of Sacramento Parks & Recreation 808-3849
Arcade Creek Recreation & Park District 482-8377
Sunrise Recreation & Park District 725-1585

14. Family support questions and phone numbers.
Please contact your school site or the Support Services and Special Education Department at 566-1615 to receive a copy of the Family Resource Guide.

15. How long is the student instructional day?
The regular instructional day is to be a minimum of 6 hours and 30 minutes. This includes 315 minutes of instruction with no less than 75 minutes of lunch and recesses combined. There is a 3-5 minute warning bell before the beginning of class time in the morning and the beginning of class time following the lunch period. Recess periods are 10–20 minutes in length. Primary pupils are to have at least a 10 minute recess every 60 minutes of instruction except as approved by the Board of Trustees.

16. What are the health and immunization requirements?
Proof of completed immunizations and a physical exam will be required to enroll. Required immunizations are as follows: 
* Polio-Four doses. If the third does was administered after four years of age, three doses are enough.

*  Diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis (DTaP)-Five doses. If the fourth does was administered after four years of age, four doses are enough.

7th Grade – One does (Td booster) recommended if more than five years have passed since last DTP, DTaP, DT, or Td dose.

* Measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) -Two doses, both given on or after first birthday.

* Hepatitis B (Hep B) -Three doses at any age.

* Varicella-One dose or health care provider-documented varicella (chicken pox) disease or immunity.

As of January 2007, children must have a dental exam during their first year of school.

17. Which schools are the best?
All of our schools provide comprehensive and challenging instructional programs. Throughout the Rio Linda Union School District we have award winning schools and exceptional teachers. We invite you to visit any of our schools and see for yourself.